Starving Sleep: Busting One of the Big Myths

It’s a commonly held notion that keeping a child up longer will cause him or her to sleep better at night. This includes intentionally skipping a nap or pushing to a late bedtime.

This could not be more FALSE and I'd like to share why.

I’ve talked to so many parents who have been given advice from others on this topic such as…

“Just keep him up so he’ll be good and tired for bed.”

“He probably just doesn’t need a nap.”

Or the ever popular “He must not need as much sleep as other children.”

Now I’m not saying that on rare occasion that ideas like this might not work, but it’s definitely the exception way more often than the rule. And quite a few of the families I’ve already worked with had heard ideas like this before we got started, and they quickly learned that it just wasn’t true. Let me explain…

An overtired child does not sleep well through the night. When they are chronically sleep deprived, this is even more true. And most every child under the age of 3 (and some even older than 3), needs a quality nap or multiple naps each day to keep exhaustion in check. Sleep begets sleep. Better naps improve overnight sleep and vice versa.

So if your little love wakes multiple times a night or wakes too early in the morning to start the day, try an earlier bedtime instead of later. Unless your child is sleep prop dependent, this simple change can make a big difference despite how counterintuitive it may sound. Allowing your child the chance to go to sleep before too much exhaustion builds up makes for a more drama-free bedtime and more sound sleep through the night.

Key tip: Most children naturally gravitate best towards a bedtime falling around 7 to 7:30pm.

If your little one is sleep prop dependent (meaning that something external is required to get them to rest like rocking, nursing, or a pacifier), I can help with a plan to remove this dependency and get them sleeping like a champ. I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Reach out through my contact page to set up a free call to learn more about how we’ll make this amazing change happen for your family!