Guest Post: Essential Oils and Your Child's Sleep

Hi, friends! I have a special treat for all of my essential oils fans! I'm excited to share a guest post from Alyssa of about some of the best ways to integrate essential oils into your child's sleep routine. Enjoy! 

Adding Essential Oils into Your Bedtime Routine

We know that having a solid, consistent bedtime routine is really important for establishing good little sleepers. Adding essential oils to your little one’s current routine can not only become a new, special part of your evening – but there are also amazing sleep benefits that everyone can experience!

The trick is finding the best oils for your child. You see, essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants that are extracted and distilled for health benefits – like sleep. Everyone’s body is a little different chemically, and what might send one vivacious toddler into dreamland may not work as well for the next. Luckily, there are many essential oils that promote healthy sleep, and when you find the magic combo, your life will never be the same.

Let’s talk about some ways you can integrate essential oils into your current bedtime routine.

It’s important to note that you should only use pure, certified therapeutic grade essential oils for your children (and yourself!). They are very concentrated so they should always be diluted for little ones – a little bit goes a long way!

 1.    Bath time

Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing bath? Adding just 1-2 drops of essential oil into your little one’s bath water not only makes for a relaxing smelling bath, but the oils will also enter your child’s body through their skin, helping them relax from the cellular level. When they are feeling under the weather you can even add immune supporting oils to help them feel better more quickly.

2.    Massage

Giving your baby a gentle massage with lotion may already be a part of your bedtime routine. They love it and it’s a wonderful way to bond and calm down. Adding essential oils to your nightly massage is another great way for your child to experience the calming benefits. Dilute 2-5 drops in a small jar of coconut oil (recycled baby food jar works great!) or in a 10 ml roller bottle. Massage into their back, legs and feet. Who knows - you might just get a little more relaxed yourself!

3.    Oily Toesies

Applying essential oils directly to the big toe is one of the most effective places to apply oils topically, especially for kids. The skin is less sensitive, it’s absorbed quickly, and you don’t have to worry about it getting in their mouth (although most doTERRA oils are safe to ingest!). Depending on what your child might be struggling with, putting a drop (diluted in a carrier oil like coconut oil) on their big toes can provide great support for things like tummy discomfort, teething pain, and just helping them calm down.  This is a perfect thing to do before slipping on those adorable footy pajamas.

4.    Diffuse

Diffusing essential oils is one of the best ways for kids of any age and the whole family to experience the therapeutic and emotional benefits. Having a diffuser running in the evening hours leading up to bedtime can help with winding down, and many people choose to place a diffuser in their child’s room. Only 1-2 drops are needed for several hours of calming aroma.

So, which oils are best for your little love’s sleep? Here are some favorites.

Lavender – No surprise here. It’s one of the most commonly recommended oils for relaxation and sleep. It’s perfect for babies because it is so gentle, but don’t be fooled – it has powerful benefits!

Cedarwood – This warm, woodsy scent is another great one for bedtime. Not only is it grounding and relaxing, it also helps your brain release melatonin – helping you (or your little ones) fall and stay asleep naturally.

Roman Chamomile – Another gentle baby must-have, this oil is calming and also very effective for teething.

Juniper Berry – This oil has been shown to help those who suffer from bad dreams. It’s also a very relaxing scent.

Serenity: Restful Blend – Perfect for calming a restless child, this is a blend of 9 warm, relaxing oils for a perfect night's sleep.

Peace: Peaceful Blend – This is a beautiful, gentle blend of 7 oils that all promote rest, calming, and peace.


A note from the author: 

Hi! I’m Alyssa – a football wife, mom of 2 little girls and a giant puppy, a fitness professional and self-proclaimed “crunchy-mama”. I love the outdoors and getting active with my kiddos, but bedtime is one of my favorite times of day. I’ve loved having these oils in my mama-tool kit to help promote healthy sleep for our whole family and I love educating and sharing them with other families! To connect with me for more questions, a free wellness consultation or to purchase oils, email me here: You can find me blogging at or hanging out on Instagram @homefield_essentials.