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Shauna was a life saver to us! Our 5 month old was in a terrible sleep regression and we had reached our breaking point with sleepless nights. We had read several sleep books and conducted endless online research and felt so overwhelmed by all the conflicting messages. That's when we sought Shauna's help. The individualized sleep program Shauna worked with us on was exactly what we needed. It was so nice to have a program that did not require the cry-it-out method. The program worked wonders on our daughter. I truly thought she was never capable of sleeping through the night and now we have a baby that is sleeping about 11 hours straight each night. It was truly a miracle program and we have Shauna to thank for it!! 

Megan, Charlotte, NC

From our very first meeting, it was clear that Shauna has a passion for empowering parents to provide their children with a strong sleep foundation that they will build upon throughout their lives. Her empathy, knowledge, and commitment to her clients is undeniable and I can't imagine what we would be dealing with now if we hadn't utilized Shauna's knowledge.

Our third child was never a great sleeper but by the time he turned 15 months, it was clear that what we were doing on our own wasn't working. He was exhausted and overtired, but I couldn't figure out how to help him fall asleep and stay asleep for bedtime and naps. As a health coach, I know how important quality sleep is to our health and development and it broke my heart seeing him so tired yet unable to get what he so badly needed - a good, solid rest. He was cranky, I was resentful, and our entire family was frustrated with the tears and tantrums. 

Shauna's evaluation of our son's situation was thorough and I felt like she really understood how I felt as a mom when she presented us with several specific recommendations to try based on our unique situation. Within a week of implementing Shauna's suggestions, our guy was sleeping a solid 12 hours at night (with ZERO crying!) and napping for at least 90 minutes each afternoon waking well-rested and ready to play. So working with Shauna has made a HUGE difference not only in our toddler's sleep habits, but has also drastically improved our home environment and family dynamic.

My favorite thing about Shauna's approach to sleep coaching is that she respects my child's needs and she cares about how our child responds to each of her recommendations. She isn't interested in forcing my child to sleep - she wants to help him learn that he's safe, protected, and capable of a healthy night's sleep. As his mom, that's my goal, too - and that's why we chose Shauna to help us teach our son to sleep.

-Liz, Holistic Health Coach, Huntersville, NC


Thanks for your help! I think one of the best parts was the empathy you gave me because I was really lacking confidence and at a major low as a parent. One of the reasons I picked you when I was checking out different options was because you were reassuring on the phone! I often second guessed myself before, and couldn't make progress because I didn't know what to do or what was normal. It's nice to have peace of mind that I will get to sleep until morning, and get several consecutive hours of sleep.

-Anne, Charlotte, NC

Our lives have completely changed thanks to Sleepy Little Loves! This method works. When we came to Sleepy Little Loves, our daughter Millie woke up multiple times each night and only took catnaps – it was affecting our entire family’s quality of life. Shauna learned about all of Millie’s habits and provided a customized plan including step-by-step instructions. My husband was initially sceptical that it would work. We were provided with guidelines on how to approach and respond to the baby in different scenarios. We began doing a series of easy rituals that cued the baby that it was time to sleep, or to return back to sleep upon waking. We were amazed to learn that babies are so adaptable and that we (the parents) hold the keys to better quality sleep. When we had questions (there were a lot!) or needed encouragement, Shauna steered us in the right direction. Millie now sleeps 12 continuous hours at night and two solid 60-90 minute naps per day. She is a happier and healthier baby because she is well rested! Sweet success! My husband and I keep telling everyone that investing in a sleep coach was the best investment we’ve ever made!

-The Tomblins, Charlotte, NC 

We consulted wth Sleepy Little Loves because we just had no other choice. Our daughter was 20 months old when we reached out for help. We knew our little one could sleep on her own because she has been doing it at daycare now for nearly a year, and up until she was about 4 months old she slept through the night on her own. It came to the point that my husband and I were getting absolutely no sleep when we reached out to Sleepy Little Loves. When we received the sleep plan from Shauna we were committed and ready to go. We moved the crib back to her room and away we went. First night was the hardest because she cried for about 30-45 minutes. We assured her everything would be fine. Since we started following our plan, we have noticed an overall significant change for the better with our daughter. Shauna was so helpful when we would run into problems, especially nap time on the weekends. We are 30 days into all getting better sleep and most importantly my daughter is getting the good rest she needs! We still have work to do, but that is okay! We have been able to accomplish the short term goals and now we can work on the next set of goals!!

If you are on the fence of trying to decide what to do, I assure you it is worth contacting Shauna. Listen to the advice, stay consistent, and be committed

-Laura, Greenville, NC

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Sleepy Little Loves is amazing and Shauna is so wonderful. She has truly helped my husband and I with coming up with a plan to help my 1 year old son learn to fall asleep on his own. He would wake up every 3 hours in the night and was very used to and comfortable with one of us rocking/patting him to sleep. I did not have the courage to just put him down in his crib and just walk away from him while crying. Then Shauna introduced me to a more gentle method of teaching my baby to fall asleep by himself. With her help and advice, he now sleeps through the entire night! I am so thankful for Sleepy Little Loves!!!  

- Sarah, Inglewood, CA

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We are so grateful that Sleepy Little Loves came into our lives! For six months, on and off, we battled with getting our 2 year old sleeping in his toddler bed. For naps he would scream and fight or end up falling asleep in front of the tv. Once our new baby arrived we had a hard time being up with two kids and had to do something. Shauna developed a sleep plan for us that completely changed everything! Our son is sleeping again and able to go down for naps without a battle. He is a completely different kid to put to bed and his mood is much happier. Thank you Shauna for all you have done for us!   

- Jamie, Harrisburg, NC

Before I started working with Sleepy Little Loves, it could take hours to get my youngest son to sleep at night. Shauna was great and communicated a very effective plan from the beginning. She did a great job at keeping in touch and really cared about how things were going every step of the way. It is so nice to put my baby down now and have him go to sleep so easily without rocking him. One of the best parts of this experience is that I now have more quality time to spend with my oldest child. This was great and I saw results soon after we started. I'm so grateful for the experience, and highly recommend Shauna to help families get quality sleep and time together.   

- Shannon, Harrisburg, NC


I have appreciated Shauna's help with our baby's sleep more than I ever anticipated. Our first child was a fantastic sleeper, and our second child is also very sweet. BUT trying to put both of them down in the evenings while my husband travels for work has been a new kind of difficult. (Rather than the 30 minutes of stories and songs I had with just one baby, it would be two hours going back and forth trying to get one down, then the other.)

Her plan has helped us create a bedtime routine that not only makes bedtime easier, but is now one of my favorite times of day with my son. My six month old consistently naps for 1.5-2 hours allowing me to get work done at home. Shauna's program and coaching has given me the confidence to set firm boundaries, stick to them, and I think both kids feed off that energy and routine.

I also LOVE that we are now putting them down sooner, so that my husband and I have evening time to do adult things, not just a quick shower or chore and then bed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Shauna, for all your help!   

- Rebecca, Charlotte, NC